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Participant Registration & Safety Rules and Protocol

For your safety and for Hike to meet its ethical standards, we require that participants in any Hike Adventures, LLC., excursion or tour, FULLY AND FREELY AGREE to the following rules, protocols, procedures, and observances:


(1) Always stay with the group and on the trail. Notify guides immediately if you need to stop for any reason. Do not be shy about speaking up and expressing your need or any concern. One guide will be at the front of the group, the other at the rear.


(2) Always carry water on your person. Two cups or a half liter of water for every hour of hiking is the standard recommendation. Every person is different. Err on the side of caution and carry more water than the standard recommendation rather than less. Our day hikes are generally between 2 to 4 hours.


(3) Wear hiking shoes or boots with quality treads. They should already be broken in, but treads should not be substantially worn down. We will encounter rocks, tree stumps, limbs, ascents, descents, depressions, foliage, shallow stream crossings (on some hikes), potentially slippery ground, and other obstacles. It is imperative that you have appropriate footwear and exercise caution when hiking. Ask for assistance as needed. Also, wear bright colors and, in cooler weather, wear layers.


(4) Alert the guides and group immediately if you are injured, bitten or stung by an animal, or do not feel well. If anything is wrong or if you need assistance in any way, alert the guides immediately.


(5) Treat all members of the group, the guides, artists, restaurateurs, and others we encounter respectfully. Please avoid potentially offensive remarks or jokes. Don’t talk too loudly unless you need to alert a guide or group member; many people enjoy listening to the sounds of nature. Hike Adventures, LLC., warmly welcomes people from all walks of life and seeks to foster a fun, calm, courteous, and inclusive environment, respecting nature and each other.


(6) Carry a small day pack and follow the leave-no-trace protocol. Take all trash, packaging, spilled food, toilet paper, and any human-made product out with you. If you have to use the bathroom during the hike, don’t stress! It’s not a big deal and happens to everyone. Alert a guide right away. Don’t walk off on your own. We need to know where you are and will also help to shield your privacy. We have extra toilet paper and bio-degradable bags for carry out—you must carry your own trash and waste. Deposit any solid human waste in catholes dug 6 to 8 inches deep, away from the trail. Cover and disguise the cathole when finished.


(7) Respect wildlife of all kinds and plant life. We are an environmentally-sensitive company that seeks true stewardship with nature. Don’t approach or feed wildlife. Leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you find them.


(8) When we encounter archaeological sites or human-made structures, please preserve the past. Examine, but do not touch cultural or historic structures and artifacts. On one excursion we cover, the trail takes us over a low, historic wall ruin; since we are forced to traverse it, please do so as carefully as possible to avoid damaging it.


(9) We endeavor to have our eyes on guests to the extent possible during a hike or outdoor activity, and periodically we take a group count. Because of the nature of our day hikes, it’s unlikely you will become separated or lost. However, if you do find yourself lost or separated from the group, yell and/or blow a whistle immediately. Use your cell phone to call us (or 911 in an emergency) if you are getting a signal.


Also Remember the S.T.O.P. protocol:

S – Stay calm. Relax, sit down, and take a sip of water, Breath Slowly.

T – Think. Get out your map and see what you can learn.

O – Observe. Look for landmarks, look for footprints.

P – Plan. If you know the route, go carefully and mark your trail along the way.


If maps, landmarks, routes, footprints, and phone aren’t helping, staying in place (unless you are in immediate danger) is the best strategy because we and/or emergency personnel are looking for you and will backtrack to find you.


(10) If you have any food or beverage allergies or preferences, please tell us and the restaurants we visit.


(11) In working with our partner artists, performers, and other experts, follow their instructions regarding the space and activity we are engaged in. If you don’t wish to participate in some activity, please just let us know. You are still responsible for the costs of the entire excursion.


Regarding the hikes, what about bears??


While it’s unlikely we will encounter dangerous wildlife on our hikes due to their short duration, day timing, well traversed routes, and our numbers, it’s still possible. Here are basic strategies for dealing with such encounters.


If you encounter a bear:

Stay calm and avoid eye contact; never approach a bear. Talk and wave your arms to identify yourself as human. Try to move away from the bear, giving it plenty of room. If it does not flee, shout and clap your hands to scare it away.


If you encounter a cougar (also called mountain lion):

Stop, do not run, pick up small children; never approach a cougar. Face the cougar, talk firmly and slowly back away. Try to appear larger than you are by standing up, holding open a jacket or holding a backpack above your head. If the cougar does not flee, shout, wave your arms and throw anything at it that you can find (water bottles, rocks, sticks).


If you encounter a coyote: Pick up small children immediately and act aggressively. Coyotes are generally timid though curious; never approach a coyote. Shout, wave your arms or throw rocks to scare away a coyote. Stand up tall and make yourself appear as large as possible.





Participants on hikes and tours provided by Hike Adventures, LLC., have a duty to act as would a reasonably prudent

person when engaging in recreational activities offered by commercial guides and outfitters of West Virginia.


By signing this Participant Registration & Safety Rules and Protocol document, you agree to follow all of the rules, procedures, and observances described ABOVE and BELOW:


No participant may:


(1) Hike when intoxicated or under the influence of nonintoxicating beer, intoxicating beverages or controlled substances; or


(2) Fail to advise the trip leader or the trip guide of any known health problems or medical disability and any prescribed medication that may be used in the treatment of such health problems during the course of the trip; or


(3) Engage in harmful conduct or willfully or negligently engage in any type of conduct which contributes to or causes injury to any person or personal property; or


(4) Perform any act which interferes with the safe running and operation of the trip, including failure to use safety equipment provided by Hike Adventures, LLC., or other service providers, or failure to follow the instructions of the trip leader, trip guide, artists, or experts in regard to the safety measures and conduct requested of the participants; or


(5) Fail to inform or notify the trip guide or trip leader of any incident or accident involving personal injury or illness experienced during the course of any trip. If such injury or illness occurs, the participant shall leave personal identification, including name and address, with a Hike Adventures, LLC., agent, employee, or representative.


May we use your photograph?   ____YES ____NO

To the furthest extent permitted by law, I consent to the use by Hike Adventures, LLC. of photographs and video recordings made of me while participating in activities or using services without further compensation and agree that all such materials, including negatives, are the sole property of Hike Adventures, LLC.

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Participant’s Date of Birth: _______________ Date of Trip: _______________________


Do you have any food allergies or other medical conditions? If so, please list them here:




Emergency Contact: Name & Relationship to Participant: _____________________________________________


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Tour Start, Stop Times and Duration: Start: _____________________ Stop: ______________________ Duration: _____________

Arrival/Pick-Up Location, End Location: Arrival/Pick-Up: _________________________ End: ________________________________

Cancellation & Refund Policy: Full payment is due upon arrival. If you must cancel your participation on a tour, please do so no later than 48 hours before arrival date and time. Once the tour begins, no refund is provided for any reason.



Participant’s Signature:  ________________________________________________________  Date:_________________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature (if Participant is under 18 years of age): ___________________________________________________